2024 Insurance Hard Market

The insurance industry is currently facing the hardest market seen in a generation, marked by rising rates and increased underwriting restrictions. New research from Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance found that 83% of agents say this is the hardest market they can remember seeing, and almost 90% of consumers reported rate increases in the past year. The forces that […]

2024 Commercial Property Insurance Market Outlook

The commercial property insurance market has faced rising premiums since 2017. While such rate jumps showed some signs of slowing in 2022 by largely remaining within single digits, this moderation didn’t last in 2023. According to industry data, commercial property insurance premiums surged by an average of 20.4% in the first quarter of 2023 alone. […]

2024 Risk Trends for Schools

We’re tracking the top challenges facing schools and government agencies. See what’s on our industry experts’ radar, and find out how the right insurance provider can help public entities to better manage these risks. Violent Events While only the most extreme violent event headlines grab public attention, statistics indicate violent events are on the rise. Research […]

Utilizing HR Data to Improve Workplace Culture

Various factors can influence company culture, and new norms can be introduced to employees anytime. As technology advances and becomes more common in today’s workplaces, organizations can specifically leverage HR data to optimize the overall employee experience and foster a strong company culture. With accurate data, HR professionals better understand who employees are and what […]

Nation’s Trucking Industry Under Siege by Worsening Litigation Trends

The trucking industry is the “lifeblood” of the U.S. economy, but is “under siege by litigation,” according to a new report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform (ILR). Verdicts against trucking companies increased by 867% in average size from 2010-2018, ILR wrote, citing research from the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI). […]

Your Business Risks in an Economic Downturn

Without a thorough evaluation of its business model, any manufacturer can be severely threatened by an economic downturn. While devising creative solutions to keep your business running despite unfavorable economic conditions, keep in mind that changes to your business can result in changes to your liability exposure. Facing Your Supply Chain It’s no secret that […]

Coverage, Safety, Service: What Contractors Need to Know

You know that insurance is essential for your construction business, but did you know that not all construction insurance brokers are the same? If you tend to compare policies based solely on price and coverage, then you are missing vital services that only select brokers can provide—services that will save you time and money. An […]

Attracting and Retaining Truck Drivers Amid Labor Shortages

No matter the industry, employers of all sizes are struggling to attract and retain quality workers right now. This is particularly the case in the trucking sector. This article discusses potential factors contributing to the current driver shortage and offers tips to help employers attract and retain truck drivers. Labor Market Factors One obvious culprit […]

6 Cost-Cutting Tips for Small Business

Employers of all sizes are currently searching for ways to reduce expenses and save money in response to the current economic downturn and ongoing labor challenges. Instead of cutting costs randomly or conducting unnecessary layoffs, successful organizations tend to optimize their resources by identifying areas where they can reduce expenses without compromising productivity or future […]

Protect Your Intellectual Property

Some of the most important assets in your business may be your intellectual property. These are intangible assets, including patents, trademarks and trade secrets. The U.S. government created these protections to keep your intellectual property against infringement. Patents What is a patent? A patent is the legal protection granted by the federal government to an […]