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Ohio Public Schools Insurance

From playgrounds and classroom equipment to student accidents and crisis events, school districts face very complex vulnerabilities. We help you improve safety and be prepared for the unexpected.

Building Brighter Futures

As school administrator, the challenges you face each day can be daunting: dealing with safety issues, aging infrastructure, information security, staffing shortages, and more. Our tailored property and liability insurance products and services address those risks so you can focus on what matters most – serving your community and educating students.

General Liability

Errors & Omissions

School Property


School Auto

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Interested in getting the best rate but don’t have time to fill out endless forms and applications? Most agents require you to fill out stacks of paperwork. We don't.

Our knowledge and experience can save you time and money by creating an accurate application. You can help your district find the appropriate coverage at a reasonable cost.


Estimating the replacement cost of your buildings and contents can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Yet, administrators are expected to determine the proper value without any real assistance. The cost of being wrong can be significant.

Let us help! We will work with you, your insurance carrier, and a professional appraisal service to assist you in these calculations.

Risk Management for Schools

From the opening bell of the school day to extra-curricular activities to the transportation of children to and from school premises, risk is present in the delivery of all school services. Our risk management team collaborates with administration to create a customized annual action plan to address your most important and time-sensitive issues.

Are Your Playgrounds Safe?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, it is estimated that each year over 200,000 injuries occur on playgrounds and approximately 15 children will die from playground-related injuries.

Thorough Assessments

Our inspectors conduct thorough evaluations, examining every aspect of the play area. We inspect equipment for structural integrity, evaluate surfacing materials for impact attenuation, assess maintenance practices, and identify potential hazards or non-compliance issues.

Bleacher Inspection

We go beyond playgrounds and also offer inspections for bleacher areas. Whether it's a sports field, basketball court, or any other recreational area, our agents can help assess safety hazards, surface conditions, and equipment to promote a secure environment.

Actionable Recommendations

Following each inspection, we provide you with a detailed report with photos outlining our findings. Our reports include clear and actionable recommendations to address any identified hazards or areas needing improvement, empowering you to take prompt corrective action.

All-Aged Playgrounds

We have experience with inspecting play areas designed for children of all ages, from early childhood playgrounds to school-age play structures. Our inspections cover a wide range of equipment, surfaces, and environments to meet the unique needs of different age groups.

Compliance with Standards

Our inspections align with recognized safety standards, including CPSC, ASTM International, The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and relevant local regulations. We help you ensure your play areas meet or exceed the necessary safety requirements.

Accredited Certifications

Our inspectors hold relevant certifications and qualifications in playground safety assessments. They possess in-depth knowledge of safety guidelines, regulations, and best practices for inspecting various types of play areas and surfaces.


Resources for Ohio Public Schools

We’re here to offer guidance to help you navigate through complicated choices when it comes to your insurance – and more.