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Commercial Auto Insurance

Protection From Dings, Dents, Scratches & More

If your business relies on vehicles to get the job done, then commercial auto insurance is a must.

To prevent losing your hard-earned revenue due to an auto accident, you’ll want to ensure that your vehicles, products, and drivers are properly insured. Nearly every state requires commercial auto insurance coverage for business-owned vehicles.

Property Damage

From accident-related damage to someone else's property, such as a car or house


Covers medical bills if you or a passenger are injured, even if you're not at fault

Underinsured Motorists

In case the other driver doesn't carry enough insurance

Comprehensive & Collision

Covers theft, storm and windshield damage - and gets damaged vehicles fixed or replaced fast

Rental Reimbursement

Get cash to cover a rental if your company vehicle is in the shop for repairs

Towing & Labor

Just in case you break down and need a tow, call the pros and have it handled

Commercial Auto Insurance FAQ

If you own, lease, hire or use vehicles for business, you should carry auto liability coverage at a minimum. It’s mandatory in most states for owned vehicles. In addition, businesses that move goods or people across state lines are required by federal law to have it. For larger commercial vehicles, you may need a commercial truck insurance policy.

Commercial auto insurance is essential to help protect your business from unexpected expenses if you or your employees are involved in an accident. Whether you have a single work truck or a small fleet of delivery vehicles, your commercial car insurance policy can provide coverage up to your policy limit for:

  • Property damage
  • Medical bills
  • Damage to your vehicle
  • Legal fees
  • Gap coverage on financed or leased vehicles

A commercial auto policy provides physical damage coverage for vehicles you own, lease, hire or use in your business and liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage caused to others by your use of the insured business vehicles.

It depends. The price is based on factors, including:

  • Business size
  • Number of vehicles, their age, and how they’re used
  • Number of employees driving the vehicles
  • Amount of coverage

Depending on the policy, commercial auto may provide liability coverage that extends to the trailer being towed (if the trailer hits another vehicle) if it’s a utility trailer used for business purposes. Separate trailer insurance will typically have to be purchased to cover any physical damage to the trailer itself.

In most cases, no.

Personal auto insurance policies typically exclude many business uses. A commercial policy may be necessary if you use your vehicle for business purposes other than commuting to work.

If you are regularly transporting people or goods, making deliveries or towing trailers or other vehicles, you would need a business auto policy to have coverage.