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Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are a key part of your compensation package and can be a deciding factor when candidates are considering job offers. They can also help improve employee productivity, engagement and retention.

Power Your Business Forward

Now more than ever, employers are challenged to manage a personalized, cost-effective employee benefits program. From enrollment to regulatory changes, you need an agent who can work with you to create a plan that is able to adapt to changing times.

We are here to help you develop a multi-year strategy that enables you to get ahead of workforce challenges. From optimizing your budget to supporting your employees, we give you the tools and resources you need to power forward with the right program for your business.

Contain Costs

Negotiate competitive deals with insurers and reduce your risk profile to contain costs and generate ROI

Attract & Retain Top Talent

Provide benefits based on what employees want and need, delivered in an engaging, simple, and intuitive way

Boost Health

Introduce more preventative health benefits to keep people healthier, boost engagement and reduce claims

Save Time & Deliver a Better Employee Experience

Are you wasting hours collating, auditing, scanning, and filing paper forms? Tired of illegible handwriting and tracking down missing information?

Give employees a flawless first day

New hires can complete W-2, W-4, I-9, and direct deposit forms online.

Simplify enrollment for everyone

Put an end to manual plan selections, paper summaries, and distributing info packets.

Instant access to information

Employees can easily access benefits information and ID cards year-round via desktop or mobile.

Employer Direct Care

Double-digit increases in healthcare costs are putting more pressure than ever before on employers and employees alike. The most impacted are all too often those that can least afford it.

Your employees can receive high quality primary care to reduce catastrophic disease and illnesses without the high cost, limited access, and long wait times.

We have helped many of our clients open shared employer-owned Employer Direct Care Clinics that control healthcare spending, boost workforce productivity, and improve hiring and retention.

Well Visits


Sick Visits

Lab Services

Pharmacy Services

Minor Cuts & Stitches

Prescription Review

Occupational Health

Break the Renewal Cycle

If you’re like most businesses, your current benefits process is a vicious cycle of waiting for renewals and hoping for the best. You’re often faced with making the difficult choice of spending more on benefits, cutting benefits, or shifting more costs onto your employees.

Let us show you a better way.


Is a Benefits Captive the Right Option for You?

As your business grows, have you thought about a long-term, cost-effective healthcare strategy? If you have over 25 employees enrolled in your health plan, you should consider partial self-funding within a benefits captive.

Partial self-funding allows you to take control of rising healthcare costs by providing transparency and the necessary data to make decisions that can help reduce expenses.

Our captive program allows you to share risk with over 2,200 like-minded employers focused on implementing cost containment strategies to lower their total healthcare spend.


Choose a plan that strikes the cost-and-coverage balance that fits your needs...or keep the coverage you currently offer


Collaborate with a top group of third-party administrators to get your plan up and running quickly

Health Networks

Work with both national PPOs and local networks so your employees have access to quality healthcare services at the lowest possible prices


Exclusive Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) contracts to ensure that your program is helping reduce drug costs

Specific Stop-Loss

Specific stop loss insurance covers the high cost of ongoing and catastrophic claims so there are no surprises

Aggregate Stop-Loss

Aggregate stop-loss insurance covers your small claims when there are more of them than you anticipated

The Cost of Doing Nothing

Companies that respond proactively and creatively, with their specific workforce in mind, will be in the best position to control benefits costs while retaining their competitiveness as an employer.

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