Our Unique Approach


If your business is only focusing on insurance premiums as a way of quantifying risk, you are missing costs that you have more control over.

The Insurance Dependency Trap

“No matter what I do, my insurance rates always seem to go up.”

Decisions about insurance coverage are important, but they are a diversion from what you really need to focus on: building a multi-year strategy to minimize risk, reduce expenses, and increase profits.

We understand that your needs are unique and that you are looking for a trusted advisor and partner who offers real solutions to the challenges facing your business.

Our proprietary approach is a stark contrast to agencies that merely provide “a policy for a price.”

1. Learn About Your Business

It all starts with getting to know you. We want to understand every aspect of your business in order to identify your unique risks.

2. Create a Risk Reduction Plan

Once we thoroughly understand what makes your business tick, we are able to explore and develop strategies that minimize your risks and reduce insurance costs.

3. Implement Strategies

We help put these custom-tailored programs in place, collaborating with key employees and stakeholders. A strong belief in our system motivates underwriters to offer lower insurance premiums on your behalf.

4. Measure & Monitor

Your business is dynamic. As your company grows and evolves, we can help answer questions as you adjust your risk management strategies.

Receive Guidance From a Dedicated HR Professional

Many small businesses are unable to navigate HR-related challenges without having to outsource or turn to a PEO.

We offer an alternative. Our Risk Manager is an accredited SHRM-CP professional with over 20 years of experience who can assess your HR needs, customize an action plan, and help with program implementation.

HR Compliance

Update your Employee Handbook and company policies to reduce potential costs from litigation and fines

Attract & Train Top Talent

Our online learning management system allows you to add your own training videos, presentations, and quizzes

Safety Initiatives

Get assistance with meeting the regulation requirements of your industry as well as OSHA/DOT/DOL

The Value of Your Insurance Dollars

When considering an insurance partner for your business, there are three types of agents to choose from:

Traditional Agent

• Provides "a policy for a price"
• Very good at selling you more insurance
• Little specialized industry expertise

Insurance Knowledge
Industry Knowledge
Risk Management

Value-Added Services

• Offers cookie-cutter services
• Does not uncover or reduce risks
• May or may not meet your needs

Insurance Knowledge
Industry Knowledge
Risk Management


• Identifies risks that affect your business
• Personalized annual action plan
• Designed to lower your premiums

Insurance Knowledge
Industry Knowledge
Risk Management

Your insurance agent’s commission is about 10%, or $5,000 if you pay $50,000 in annual premium.

How much value are you getting from your current insurance program?