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Contractor Insurance

As a professional tradesman, you face serious risks every day. A lot can go wrong at a job site, even with safety precautions and protections in place.

Customized Coverage Built for You

Contractor insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all. A specialized policy allows you to easily customize and simplify your insurance coverage to help you protect your business’ unique needs.

We are proud members of Associated Builders and Contractors


We Won't Slow You Down

Permits, backordered supplies, scheduling issues, the weather – there are a lot of things that can hold you up. Waiting on us won’t be one of them.

We’re Johnny on the Spot with the documents you need, because we understand how important they are to your business.

Safety Culture

Does your current agent help you support and reinforce safe work practices throughout the year?

We help you build and maintain a safety-first environment. You’ll also gain access to our expansive library of materials, making it possible to provide additional safety training whenever it is needed.

One-Stop Shop for Contractors Insurance

We offer coverage from a wide range of accidents and unexpected events, from an employee falling off a ladder to a crash involving your work truck. Help protect your employees, your tools and equipment and your vehicles.

Resources for Contractors

We’re here to offer guidance to help you navigate through complicated choices when it comes to your insurance – and more.