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Classic Car Insurance

For People Who Love Their Cars

When it comes to vintage and classic car insurance, you don’t have to settle for a regular policy. Your baby deserves a lot better!

Antique cars often maintain or increase in value, so classic car insurance typically covers yours up to an agreed value; regular car insurance might not provide as much coverage.

Liability Coverage

Required in most states, this covers bodily injury and property damage if you cause an accident

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

If you're hit by a driver who doesn't have any insurance (or not enough), this coverage can help

Medical Payments

Also known as med pay, helps pay medical bills resulting from injuries from an auto accident

Comp & Collision

Also known as full coverage, which is usually required for classic cars

Agreed Value

Based on the proven value of your car as determined by you and the insurance company

Roadside Assistance

Optional coverage for towing, tire changes, jump starts, fuel delivery and more

Classic Car Insurance FAQ

Classic car insurance is for more than just classic and collector cars. Vintage motorcycles, military vehicles, milk trucks, sports vehicles, kit cars, exotic cars, street rods, and all antique vehicles, including tractors, can also usually be insured.

The age range of a classic car is generally between 25–50 years old. However, there is no definitive age that makes a car a classic. Different states have different requirements for defining a vehicle as a classic, which may factor in age, weight, usage, or manufacturing.

Your classic car should be for occasional use only – it should not be your daily driver. Taking your car out for pleasure driving, exhibitions, tours, and similar trips is acceptable.

Most classic car insurers won’t offer liability-only policies. Race and non-street-legal vehicles aren’t typically eligible for liability coverage.

Vehicle value, your age, driving record, and access to another vehicle are key factors. Classic car insurance is typically less expensive than regular car insurance. 

No, but discounts may be available depending on the insurer. You may qualify if you have multiple policies with the same company or insure more than one classic car.